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Monday, May 6, 2019

Watch: Muslim terrorist hit by an air strike after launching a missile into Israel

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Watch: 700 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel. IDF has struck terror targets in Gaza, including: • Rocket launchers • Attack tunnel shafts • PIJ & Hamas weapons manufacturing factories • PIJ training compound & command center located INSIDE a mosque • Hamas weapons depot.
In this footage posted by the Israel Defense Forces you can see the moment when a terrorist was hit by an airstrike after launching missiles at Israel.
Hamas intentionally placed civilians in harm’s way by utilizing homes, schools and mosques as bases for launching attacks on Israel.
Israel has no choice but to strike the civilian structures in Gaza that are used by Hamas to fire rockets at civilian targets in Israel.
Many Israelis were killed and dozens injured after hundreds of rockets were fired into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip.
Israel has a right to defend itself whether the media likes it or not.