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Monday, March 11, 2019

This is not Paris, This was Afghanistan before Islam, before the burqa - Sharia took the country to the Stone Age

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Not many people know that Afghanistan was a civilized and modernized country before Islamists have formed parties and political movements (terrorist organizations) to forcefully enforce strict Sharia laws in the country.
As you can see in the video below women were free, they were not forced to wear veil and could get an education, develop a career and enjoy freedom.
Please watch and share this video.
Shari'a laws are a set of laws that are based on the life of Prophet Muhammad.
Shari'a is not just a law but a way of life, ideology and political movement, according to the Sharia laws:
– There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.
– There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).
– There are no equal rights for men and women.
– There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.
Child marriage, forced marriage, Child brides, polygamy, FGM, Acid attacks, honor killings, beheading and stoning.
Sharia has no place in the civilized world.