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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Qatari leader and Turkish President blame the Jews for New Zealand Mosque Attack

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The Turkish President has responded to the mosque attacks in Christchurch, saying the prime minister of Israel and his son are Responsible for NZ Mosque Terror Attacks.
This horrific statement followed Mass rallies in which Turkey's president Erdogan played horrible footage of Christchurch Mosque Attack outdoors all day long in public rallies from big screens, later moved to indoor convention hall to play it again during his 5th speech on Saturday.
The attack on the son of the Israeli prime minister by the Turkish president came after PM's son tweeted "...Istanbul is actually a city called Constantinople! The capital of the Byzantine empire and center of orthodox Christianity for more then a thousand years before Turkish occupation!..."
Another video that went viral on social media shows the Qatari Sociologist blames the Jews for the New Zealand Massacre in an Antisemitic Tirade (video embedded below).
As you can see in an embedded Tweet below Australia leader, Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, slammed the Turkish dictator over anti-Semitic statements against Israel "Erdoğan Implying that Yair Netanyahu is Responsible for the NZ Mosque attack insults the Muslim victims of the attack. Yair has always condemned Islamic terrorism. Erdogan’s comments can lead to instability to national security (perhaps it’s what he wants)"