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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Muslims are outraged as Saudi teen insults Islam on Live TV "They treat us like slaves"

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A Saudi teen who arrived in Canada after fleeing Sharia laws in Saudi Arabia says she needed to risk her life in order to live freely and be independent.
She chose to celebrate her freedom from Islam by breaking sharia laws.
Rahaf Mohammed tasted a slice of her new life in Canada by trying bacon for the first time, downing a Starbucks coffee and showing her bare legs.
The Saudi teen who was fleeing her abusive family was granted asylum following a desperate bid to escape the oppressive life that was ahead of her.
During an interview with CBC (embedded below) she revealed how women are treated under Shari'a laws in Saudi Arabia.
The media, the left and Muslim activists in the West often claim "Islam is the most Feminist religion" but this is far from true.