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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Following denmark, Norwegian government cuts aid to the Palestinian Muslims

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Following denmark, Norway became the second Scandinavian country in a week to cut aid to the Palestinian Muslims NGOs.
Denmark’s foreign minister announced that his department would halt funds to 14 Palestinian organisations over terror ties.
Norway also declared that beginning in 2018, its government will no longer support organizations that aim to promote the boycotting of Israel, which is the only democratic state in the entire Middle East.
The Palestinian Authority fears that other countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland will follow this decision because these Scandinavian countries are financing the same Palestinian NGOs that Norway and Denmark have just stopped funding.
The United States, Canada, Britain and Australia should do the same.
The Western world must stop funding the Muslims who call themselves "Palestinians".
On his first day in office, President Trump freezed Obama's $221,000,000 parting gift to the Muslims who call themselves “Palestinians”, It is time for the Trump administration to cut the rest of the aid ($400M).
400,000,000 dollars of US taxpayer money is going directly to Muslim terrorists.
Each year, the United States gives the Palestinian Authority $400M aid.
The Palestinian Authority uses American taxpayers' money to pay salaries for Muslim terrorists who murdered non-Muslims in Israel.
American taxpayers should not be forced to finance Islamic terrorism.
Trump should cut all the American aid to the Muslims who call themselves "Palestinians".